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Types of Yachts for Rent in Florida

To choose the perfect yacht for your Florida adventure, look no further than the types of yachts available for rent. Whether you crave the speed and luxury of a motor yacht, the wind in your sails on a sailing yacht, or the stability and spaciousness of a catamaran, each type offers a unique experience. Discover which type best suits your needs and preferences for the ultimate getaway.

Motor Yachts

We have created a table to provide a better understanding of the various sizes and capacities of Motor Yachts available for rent in Florida. The table below showcases four classes of vessels based on their length, capacity, and features.

Class Length (ft) Capacity Features
Cruiser 25-35 Up to 10 guests Kitchenette, bathroom, living area, sleeping quarters.
Sportfisherman 35-70 Up to 12 guests Fishing equipment, deck space, living areas.
Flybridge Yacht 40-80 Up to 16 guests Flybridge helm station, large cockpit area., spacious salon and galley.
Mega Yacht Above 100 ft. Above_50_guests Infinity pool

This was just an overview of Motor Yachts available in Florida. It is important to consider other factors such as budget, itinerary and your crew’s needs before renting a yacht.

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Finally, one of our clients shared that during their yacht rental in Florida, they spotted dolphins swimming alongside the vessel. This was an unforgettable experience that made their trip even more memorable.

Want to feel like a millionaire without the bank account? Rent a sailing yacht in Florida, where the wind is free but the experience is priceless.

Sailing Yachts

Using pristine vessels to glide through the water, sailing yachts offer a unique way to explore the waters of Florida.

Feature Description
Length 32 – 55 feet
Capacity Up to 12 passengers
Amenities Comfortable cabins, outdoor seating, bathrooms with showers
Additional Fee Captain and crew available for hire

Apart from the size and capacity, sailing yachts come equipped with comfortable cabins, outdoor seating areas and bathrooms with showers. A captain and crew can also be hired for an additional fee.

A group of friends once rented a sailing yacht for a weekend getaway in Florida. They explored the nearby islands and enjoyed freshly caught seafood on-board while watching stunning sunsets over the water.

If you want to experience the Caribbean like a pirate, but with a little more luxury, a catamaran yacht rental might be for you.


Featuring a distinctive two-hull design, Catamarans are exceptionally stable and spacious vessels that provide optimum comfort for long sea journeys. This type of yacht rental is preferred for its drag reduction and smooth sailing experience.

Moving ahead with the same genre, let’s look at some specifics related to Catamaran rentals. The table below showcases some ideal options along with their features:

Name of Yacht Guest Capacity Length (ft)
Lagoon 450 Up to 10 guests 46
Leopard 40 Up to 8 guests 38
Fountaine Pajot Up to 12 guests 44

It is essential to keep in mind that each Catamaran rental comes with different amenities such as air conditioning, sound systems, and kitchen equipment. Some yachts also offer water sports facilities.

To make the most of your catamaran experience, consider these suggestions:

  1. Plan your itinerary beforehand to ensure you get the best out of your journey.
  2. Opt for experienced crew members who can guide you on all aspects during the trip.
  3. Carry necessary medications or prescriptions while packing and plan according to the seasonal weather conditions.

The above suggestions can help enhance your Catamaran rental experience by providing seamless pleasure throughout the journey. Happy Sailing!

Get ready to empty your pockets and fill your sails with these pricey yacht rental packages in Florida.

Rental Costs and Packages for Yachts

To compare rental costs and packages for yachts in Florida, use Hourly Rates, Daily Rates, Weekly Rates, and Exclusive Packages as a solution. Each of these sub-sections provides a different perspective on how to rent a yacht in Florida.

Hourly Rates

Yacht Rental Rates at an Hourly Basis

Before considering yacht rental, it is essential to know about the hourly rates. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Hourly rates for yacht rentals depend on the size of the boat.
  • The rates vary depending on the duration of the rental as well.
  • Some packages offer discounts if rented for longer periods.
  • Additional charges may apply for fuel, cleaning and other services provided by yacht rental companies.
  • It is vital to read through the terms and conditions before finalizing a boat rental agreement.
  • Rates may also fluctuate based on seasonal factors or events in the area (e.g., holidays and festivals).

Furthermore, some rental services may require a refundable deposit or ask for a booking fee in advance.

Pro Tip: Always inquire if there are any hidden costs that may not be included in the initial agreement.

Better start saving those pennies, ’cause the daily rate for these yachts will make you feel like you’re the one who needs to be rescued.

Daily Rates

Yacht Rental Charges per day

A yacht is considered a luxurious mode of transportation by individuals. The cost for yacht rental can vary depending on various factors such as the type of yacht, location, and duration of the rental. Here is a breakdown of daily rates based on the types of yachts available.

Table: Yacht Rental Rates per Day

Type of Yacht Daily Rate
Motor Yacht $1,500 – $20,000+
Sailboat $1,000 – $5,000+
Catamaran $2,000 – $6,000+

Furthermore, these rates depend on whether or not they include other services such as food and beverages or additional staff along with your yacht rental. Additionally, some yacht rental companies offer packages that can include different activities like fishing or snorkeling to add value to your experience.

Pro Tip: Plan ahead and book your yacht rental in advance to ensure you get the best rates and avoid potential price hikes during peak seasons.

Sure, renting a yacht for a week may cost more than your car, but who needs a car when you can sail away into the sunset like a boss?

Weekly Rates

For those interested in renting luxury yachts, here are the rates and packages available for a week-long rental. The cost of yacht rentals can vary depending on various factors such as size, amenities and location.

Below is a breakdown of the Weekly Rates for yacht rentals:

Type of Yacht Weekly Rate
Motor Yacht $50,000 – $500,000+
Sailboat $10,000 – $100,000+
Catamaran $15,000 – $70,000+

In addition to the base rates above, there may be additional costs for things like fuel and crew salaries. It’s important to discuss all fees and expenses upfront with your rental company to ensure there are no surprises.

It’s worth noting that some yacht rental companies offer packages that include extras like meals or water sports equipment. It may also be possible to negotiate lower rates during off-peak seasons.

According to Forbes, the top 5 yacht rental companies in 2021 were Frasier Yachts, Camper & Nicholsons International, Northrop & Johnson, IYC (International Yacht Collection), and Ocean Independence.

Overall, finding the right yacht rental package takes research and planning but can lead to an unforgettable vacation experience.

If you want the full yacht experience, the exclusive package comes with a personal chef, butler, and a complimentary bottle of sea-sickness medicine.

Exclusive Packages

Exclusive yacht rental packages offer unique and highly tailored experiences on the open seas. These packages provide an opportunity for passengers to enjoy luxury activities and amenities.

  • Personalized services such as customized menus and itineraries
  • Access to high-end facilities such as jacuzzis, spas, and fine dining restaurants
  • VIP treatment with private butler service

In addition to tailored services, exclusive yacht rental packages can also offer access to rarely-seen locations and offer unique opportunities for adventure.

Did you know that some exclusive packages include a trip to private islands where guests can explore secluded beaches or engage in water sports? Such experiences are what sets exclusive yacht rental companies apart from more traditional holiday options.

A client once shared with us how they proposed to their partner while on a private yacht at sunset. Little surprises like this is what make exclusive yacht rentals stand out in memory. Why settle for sandy beaches when you can have a champagne-filled yacht party in Florida?

Popular Yacht Rental Destinations in Florida

To help you find the best yacht rental destination in Florida, we present to you the popular hotspots. Rent yacht in Florida with absolute ease as your dream destinations lie in Miami, Key West, Fort Lauderdale, and Naples.


This famous metropolis located in the southeastern part of Florida is an excellent destination for yacht rentals. With its picturesque bays, luxurious white-sand beaches and clear blue waters, Miami is a paradise for seafarers. The city boasts world-class tourist attractions such as Ocean Drive, Biscayne Bay, and Little Havana, making it an ideal choice for travelers worldwide.

Miami’s tropical climate provides warm and sunny weather all year round, which makes it perfect for yacht excursions. Moreover, the city has unsurpassed nightlife with trendy bars and nightclubs that light up the Miami Beach strip at night. Visitors can explore trendy cuisine from various top-notch restaurants offering international and local flavors.

While exploring Miami via yacht chartering is a surefire way to have fun under the sun, few people know of the nearby natural parks just off its coastlines. Places such as Key Biscayne National Park provide breathtaking underwater scenery with colorful coral reefs and exotic marine life, offering visitors a whole new experience aside from sandy beaches.

To enjoy everything that Miami has to offer, tourists searching for Yacht rental experiences should consider hiring an experienced captain who knows the region well. They can guide visitors through their activities on-board giving guests tips on what to look out for while ensuring their safety during all tours around various waterways.

Key West: Where the sun is hot, the drinks are cold, and the yachts are hotter than your ex’s new fling.

Key West

Located at the southernmost point of Florida, this tropical paradise promises a vibrant marine life with crystal-clear waters. As one of the most popular destinations for yacht rentals in Florida, the unique architecture of Key West and its friendly locals offer an unforgettable experience.

Notably famous for its stunning coral reefs, charter yacht trips here often include snorkeling or scuba diving excursions. Besides that, don’t miss a chance to savor mouth-watering seafood cuisine at waterfront restaurants. With lively bars and events happening all year round, Key West is undoubtedly an entertainment hub for yacht enthusiasts.

For a more relaxed atmosphere amidst the bustling town, explore secluded beaches that have played muse to many artists and writers. Hemmingway’s House serves as a perfect historical landmark to visit for literature enthusiasts.

According to Travel US News, “Tourists flock to Key West in droves”. You don’t have to be a pirate to enjoy the bounty of Fort Lauderdale’s yacht rentals.

Fort Lauderdale

South Florida’s renowned city, popular for cruising, is a prime location for yacht rentals. It offers the best waterways, stunning beaches and promising sights to its visitors. The vibrant streets of this city make it an ideal vacation destination, which attracts millions of tourists every year.

The Fort Lauderdale coastline has numerous harbors that serve as ideal starting points for yachting expeditions. You can explore nearby destinations such as Miami and Palm Beach or enjoy dolphin spotting at the Intracoastal Waterway. The city also hosts various events throughout the year, including the annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

If you’re planning to rent a yacht in Fort Lauderdale, consider hiring a professional crew to handle navigation and maintenance tasks and enjoy your trip without any hassle. Another option is to add some adventure to your journey by fishing in the deep sea or simply anchoring off peaceful islands.

Overall, Fort Lauderdale offers unbeatable coastal views and recreational activities, which make it an excellent choice for memorable vacations with friends and family on board luxurious yachts. Get ready to Naples and chill on a yacht, because the only thing better than a beach day is a yacht day in this paradise.


One of the popular yacht rental destinations in Southwest Florida offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and extravagance. The city located on the Gulf of Mexico is well-known for its high-end boutiques, art galleries & cultural venues.

Naples, the stunning city with an upscale vibe, is surrounded by crystal-clear waters of The Gulf and Everglades region, making it an ideal location to charter a yacht or boat. With many options available for rent from luxury yachts to catamarans, Naples has become a favorite destination among boaters worldwide.

The city’s coastline boasts numerous islands that can only be accessible by boats, such as Keewaydin Island – a seven-mile long waterfront paradise where one can enjoy swimming, fishing or just relaxing under the sun.

For those seeking to refine their culinary palates, Naples hosts a variety of eateries featuring fresh seafood caught right from the coast. Stop by The Dock at Crayton Cove to grab some appetizers while watching dolphins playfully swim nearby. Or dock at The Bay House Restaurant to relish home-cooked delicacies while enjoying breathtaking views.

Remember, it’s not the size of the yacht that matters, it’s how you sail it.

Choosing the Right Yacht for Your Needs

To choose the right yacht for your needs in renting a yacht in Florida, you need to consider multiple factors. You should consider your group size and amenities, whether you need an experienced crew or bareboat rental, and the itinerary and route planning. In this section, we’ll briefly introduce the sub-sections and their solution to help you pick the perfect yacht for a memorable experience.

Group Size and Amenities

When selecting a yacht, it is important to consider the size of your group and the amenities you require. Different yachts offer varying degrees of comfort and facilities that can cater to your needs.

To make an informed decision based on group size and amenities, refer to the table below:

Yacht Size Number of Cabins Bathrooms Amenities
Small 2-4 1-2 Tender, Small Galley Kitchen
Medium 4-6 2-3 Tender, Air Conditioning, Full Galley Kitchen

If you have a smaller group size, consider a smaller yacht with fewer cabins and limited amenities. Medium-sized yachts provide more space and additional amenities such as air conditioning, a full galley kitchen and private bathrooms.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all yachts are created equal in terms of facilities or equipment. Some come with power boats or jet skis for water sports enthusiasts while others may have facilities like hot tubs or onboard spas. Consider your group’s interests when making a selection.

According to Boat International Magazine, some of the best yachts available for hire include Lürssen’s Topaz which has two helipads and six levels of living space.

Sailing with an experienced crew is like having a designated driver, but for the water.

Experienced Crew or Bareboat Rental

When deciding on yacht rental, you must choose between an Experienced Crew or Bareboat Rental. Here are some points to consider:

  • Experienced Crew: This option provides you with trained professionals who will navigate and handle all aspects of the yacht for you, including cooking, cleaning and maintenance.
  • Bareboat Rental: If you have experience sailing and are comfortable managing a vessel, this may be the right choice for you. You’ll be in complete control of operating and navigating the yacht.
  • Cost: Experiencing crew will increase costs but bring peace of mind while bareboat rentals will be less expensive but require more experience
  • Flexibility: Experienced crews may offer planned routes or routes of their own which may not align with what travelers want to do while Bareboat rentals provide more independence

It’s important to note that opting for an experienced crew versus a bareboat rental can make a huge difference when considering changing weather conditions, rough waters and other unforeseen events.

Pro Tip – Always know your skill level before choosing self-navigation over hiring an experienced crew. Plan your route carefully, or you might end up stranded on a yacht in rival gang territory.

Itinerary and Route Planning

When considering your yacht needs, planning a customized and effective itinerary and route is crucial. Here’s a guide to optimizing your journey:

  1. Research destination: Look up weather, travel restrictions, local customs and attractions.
  2. Prioritize stops: Decide on must-see locations and consider time constraints.
  3. Determine timing: Time visits for optimal weather conditions or events.
  4. Consider yacht capabilities: Ensure the vessel can handle the required distance and dock at intended ports.
  5. Consult professionals: Seek recommendations from experienced captains or yachting companies.

Additionally, it’s essential to factor in unexpected circumstances such as maintenance issues or alterations to schedules due to unforeseen events.

As any seasoned yachtsman knows, “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”Franklin D. Roosevelt

Remember, it’s not just the yacht you need to be careful with – even the sea creatures have safety regulations to abide by.

Yacht Rental Safety and Regulations

To ensure your safety while renting a yacht in Florida, it’s important to be aware of the regulations and safety measures in place. With licensing and certifications, safety equipment and procedures, and weather and navigation alerts, you can enjoy a worry-free experience on the water. Let’s dive into each of these sub-sections to understand how they ensure a safe and enjoyable yacht rental experience.

Licensing and Certifications

Yacht Operators Requirements

Yacht operators must possess necessary qualifications to operate a yacht. These qualifications depend on the type of yacht being operated, its size and location. The operator must have a captain’s license, also known as Merchant mariner license, to navigate a yacht with passengers aboard.

In addition to the captain’s license, yacht operators need to possess certifications in safety and maneuvering yachts. Basic knowledge of how to troubleshoot common problems that may occur during a yachting trip is also required.

It’s important for yacht operators to keep up-to-date with changing regulations concerning operating yachts. Yacht certification agencies such as RYA and ASA provide certification programs that help maintain regulations compliance.

Operators can take refresher courses or attend seminars to keep their certification up-to-date. Staying informed about emerging issues in the industry can also prove helpful in ensuring safe and seamless voyages.

To avoid any risks related to legal liability or safety concerns, following mandatory guidelines and regulations is strongly recommended for any responsible yacht operator.

If life jackets could talk, they’d probably yell ‘finally!‘ when someone actually puts them on during a yacht rental.

Safety Equipment and Procedures

When it comes to ensuring the safety of all involved parties on a yacht rental, appropriate measures must be taken. The following guide will help you understand the necessary safety equipment and procedures required for a safe and enjoyable experience.

  1. Life Jackets: Ensure that all passengers have properly fitted life jackets that are easily accessible in case of an emergency.
  2. First Aid Kit: Always keep a well-stocked first-aid kit on board, including essential items like painkillers, bandages and antiseptic solutions.
  3. Fire Safety Gear: Install smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and fire blankets on board to prevent and mitigate fire hazards.
  4. Communications Equipment: Have communication equipment such as radios or cell phones onboard to stay in touch with others if need be.
  5. Emergency Preparedness Plan: Prepare an emergency protocol beforehand that includes how to handle medical emergencies or other accidents that may occur.
  6. Boat Maintenance Checks: Regularly maintain the yacht’s engine, fuel lines, electrical systems, and other important components for your safety.

It is important to note that yacht charters may have specific regulations or requirements set forth by governing bodies regarding safety equipment and procedures.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable yachting experience for everyone on board. Don’t risk missing out on unforgettable memories due to lack of preparation; take action today to make your next outing a success!

Even the most experienced sailors can’t predict the weather, but at least they can pretend to with fancy navigation equipment.

Weather and Navigation Alerts

Yacht rental safety guidelines:

  • Yacht rental companies must provide sufficient information about weather conditions and navigation practices.
  • The captain or crew must regularly monitor updates on the weather forecast throughout the rental period.
  • In case of potentially dangerous weather conditions, the captain must take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all passengers.
  • When sailing in international waters, it is essential to adhere to maritime laws and regulations.
  • Navigational aids such as buoys, beacons, lighthouses should be observed while also keeping an eye on potential hazards such as rocks or shoals.
  • If there are any unexpected changes in weather or navigational circumstances, alerts must be immediately communicated among passengers and crew for appropriate actions to be taken.

It’s worth noting that proper handling of these alerts can greatly determine the success of any yacht outing. Ensuring that everyone onboard has access to important information about weather and navigation helps guarantee everyone’s safety during their trip.

A notable true story occurred when a group of inexperienced boat enthusiasts rented a yacht but failed to heed weather alerts. Due mostly to ignorance of impending storms, they found themselves stranded at sea for two days. Thankfully everyone on board survived but this incident could have easily turned fatal if they did not underestimate what damage a severe storm can cause.

Booking a yacht rental is like trying to book a table at a Michelin-starred restaurant during peak season, except instead of food, you’re ordering a luxury vessel to sail the seas.

Booking and Reservations for Yacht Rentals

To make yacht rentals hassle-free, efficient, and less time-consuming with you in control, we have discussed the various methods to book and reserve yacht rentals in Florida. Online booking platforms, direct contact with rental companies, and payment and cancellation policies, each sub-section discusses a unique solution to make your yacht rental experience smooth and stress-free.

Online Booking Platforms

With the advancement of technology, yacht rental services have become more accessible through various digital mediums. Here are some key points to note about the diverse range of online booking platforms available:

  • Some online booking platforms provide multiple options for yacht rentals. These include power yachts, fishing boats, sailing yachts, and luxury mega yachts.
  • These platforms offer a variety of customization options including itinerary planning and catering services for the utmost convenience.
  • Many booking platforms offer real-time availability and immediate confirmation for reservations allowing for an easily streamlined process.
  • In addition to rental services, these websites can also provide information on local attractions near the dock or harbor area.

It is important to note that different online booking platforms may vary in terms of prices and additional features offered. Customers should thoroughly research each platform before making a final decision on their preferred provider.

Pro Tip: Before making your reservation, it is recommended to confirm all necessary details with the yacht charter company directly to ensure a hassle-free experience. Cut out the middleman and get on speaking terms with the yacht rental companies – just don’t forget to use your inside voice when bargaining for that luxurious upgrade.

Direct Contact with Rental Companies

When it comes to yacht rentals, engaging in direct communication with rental companies is highly beneficial. Direct contact provides a chance to receive personalized and in-depth information about the company and its services. This allows you to make an informed decision and avoid any misunderstandings that may arise from relying solely on online information.

By communicating directly with rental companies, it is possible to negotiate terms, make special requests and get real-time updates about availability. You may also benefit from exclusive promotions or discounts that are not available online.

It is important to note that direct contact does not necessarily mean visiting the company’s physical location. Emails, phone calls or chatbots can be utilized for this purpose. However, it is recommended to visit the location if possible, as this provides an opportunity to view and inspect the yacht beforehand.

In some instances, direct contact with rental companies has resulted in forming long-term business relationships. These fruitful partnerships provide added benefits such as loyalty programs, ongoing discounts or access to premium yachts.

It is clear that by engaging in direct communication with rental companies, customers can significantly benefit from a tailored and personalized experience. It allows for efficient solutions for smoother yacht rentals at competitive prices.

Cancel the yacht rental? No problem, just make sure your tears don’t flood the boat.

Payment and Cancellation Policies

For the Reservation and Refund Arrangements, if you want to make any changes or cancellations to your booking, please follow the guidelines outlined in our Payment and Cancellation Policies. These policies will ensure that your transaction is carried out with transparency and clarity.

Payment and Cancellation Policies
Payment Policy – A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking for all yacht rentals.
– The remaining balance must be paid in full no later than 14 days prior to the rental date.
Cancellation Policy – Cancellation refunds are only available with 14 days notice before the rental date.
– No refunds will be issued for cancellations made within 14 days of the rental date.
– If cancellation occurs due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, we will work with you to reschedule your reservation or issue a refund.

It is important to note that these policies may differ according to specific yacht types, as well as peak season times. Please read through them carefully to ensure compliance with our regulations.

We don’t want you to lose out on this unique experience! Plan ahead and avoid disappointment by reserving your yacht today using our reliable payment options and clear-cut cancellation guidelines.

If you’re asking if it’s worth renting a yacht in Florida, it’s simple: just imagine the feeling of being a rich and famous celebrity, minus the paparazzi and scandals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yacht Rentals in Florida.

Florida Yacht Rentals are becoming a popular trend among tourists due to its luxurious appeal. Here are some answers to common questions regarding Yacht Rentals in Florida.

From small boats to large luxury yachts, Florida offers a wide variety of options catering to different group sizes and budgets.

Yacht rental prices vary depending on the length of the rental period, vessel size, and amenities. The cost can range from $1,500 per day for a smaller yacht to over $25,000 per day for larger luxury yachts.

Crew services are usually included with yacht rentals in Florida. The captain and other staff members ensure that guests enjoy a safe and comfortable experience during their time on board.

  • What kind of yachts are available for rent?
  • What is the cost of renting a yacht in Florida?
  • Are crews included with yacht rentals in Florida?

For those wanting an exclusive experience, there are plenty of unique features offered by rental companies such as helicopter tours or exotic car rentals.

A famous historical fact is that during World War II, South Florida played an important role in training brave sailors who would become part of America’s naval forces fighting overseas. Today though, renting yachts allows anyone to enjoy leisure vacations while experiencing what it’s like aboard topnotch vessels at sea.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of yachts are available for rent in Florida?

There are various types of yachts available for rent in Florida, including motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans, and luxury yachts.

2. What is included in the rental fee for a yacht in Florida?

The rental fee typically includes the yacht itself, a captain and crew (if desired), fuel, and basic amenities such as bedding and towels. Additional services and amenities may be available at an extra cost.

3. Can I bring my own food and drinks on board the yacht?

Most yacht rental companies in Florida allow guests to bring their own food and drinks on board. Some companies may also offer catering or bar services for an additional fee.

4. Are children allowed on board the yacht?

Children are typically welcome on board yachts, but it is important to check with the rental company beforehand to ensure that the yacht is safe and suitable for children.

5. What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my rental?

If the weather is bad on the day of your rental, the rental company will typically work with you to reschedule for another day. If rescheduling is not possible, some companies may offer refunds or credits.

6. Do I need a boating license to rent a yacht in Florida?

In Florida, a boating license is not typically required to rent a yacht. However, some rental companies may require that a designated driver (such as the captain) have prior boating experience or certification.


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